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Welcome to MYLAXX CLUB

A Proven Ecosystem Approach

MYLAXX is created to give our investors the opportunity to achieve a completely passive income from investment in a proven eco-system. By investing in our eco-system, you can participate in the technical infrastructure of the eco-system. We are able to offer you a stable profit from 1% to 5% per day. Our plans have been calculated in this way to guarantee you such profits from the value of your investment. We offer you a stable investment and real profits.

MYLAXX builds a uniform ecosystem around the AX coin to ensure its use in everyday life and to continuously increase its value. In just a few weeks, the AX coin will be used in various business areas, and this network will be continuously expanded as a result.



• Listing as a payment option to a global cloud mining platform. An eco-friendly and through the use of hydrogen technology, highly profitable cloud mining farm. 100% pollution free.
• Listing as a payment option on various central and decentralized shop systems and business websites.
• Listing on other exchanges such as Hotbit, Vindax, Coinkeeper .........
• Listing at several payment providers and mobile payment platforms
• Integration in POS terminals for the use of the AX coin in offline shops such as coffees, restaurants, grocery stores .......
• Development of a Mylaxx mobile wallet and Mylaxx Club card with online payment and ATM functions.


Investment In Proven Eco-Sysem, The Best Way To Passive Income

Decentalized Maketplace

AX-Coin as a loyality coin in a ultimate end to end solution for a global decentralized e-commerce solution


Cloud mining

AX-Coin as a payment option in an eco-friendly, pollution free and most profitable cloud mining service


Crypto Currency Exchange

AX-Coin as a loyality coin in an easy to use, high security, and low fee exchange with 24/7 support